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About us...

Welcome to Sobriety Films Uk, we are a social enterprise that uses film to raise awareness of recovery and champion recovery for those that need healing from addiction, mental ill health and trauma. 


SFUK makes films, runs filmmaking workshops and holds screenings of films with Q&A’s to raise awareness, break down stigma and encourage understanding of these issues.

Since our inception in 2019, we have reached out across the nation, spreading creativity and connecting people and communities to celebrate their potential and nurture their talent. 

Sobriety Films is a 'lived experience' led organisation that recognises the unique talents and diverse influences that shape our filmic vision.  



Maddie Kitchen, FRSA

Maddie is the founder of Sobriety Films UK.

She has recently become a fellow of The Royal Society for Arts in recognition of her work: ‘using film to support and advocate for inclusive and diverse mental health and addiction recovery’. 


"I believe in the power of film to drive social change and empower under-represented groups and individuals in society.  I use my skills as a filmmaker and lived experience to champion people in recovery from addiction, mental ill health and trauma.

We are now facing a crisis in the nation's mental health and as an advocate for social prescribing and creating meaningful healing in the community as an alternative to the medical model, there is much work to be done."


Maddie is an experienced director and has worked with various organisations and projects such as Rethink Mental Illness, Turning Point, the Recovery Street Film Festival and the Reel Recovery Film Festival USA. 


Maddie has also been a Judge for the Athens Short Film Festival 2020/2021 and Dublin Independent Film Festival 2022 - Best Short Documentary Prize.

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